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"I trust Wendy completely with my client base"

Louise Plank
Plank PR, London


“I’m such a perfectionist and I never thought I would meet my match…then I met Girl Friday.”
Ruth Wertylo
YQ Northwest Magazine


“Girl Friday was the glue that stuck everything together”
Greg Wilson


Imagine life if you had your own…


Private Personal Assistant


Events Planner

Travel Agent

Personal Time Saver


Lifestyle Assistant

....................... all rolled into one !

Look at my testimonial page to see how Girl Friday 
has simplified other peoples lives!

Are you too busy?
Is your life hectic?
Places to go, people to see but no time?
Too much to do?
Rushed off your feet?
Are you hard pressed for time?

You need Girl Friday a Freelance PA

So simplify your life and

    • Get things done with the minimum of effort and fuss
    • Spend more time with your family and friends
    • Get back your valuable free time.
    • Save time, effort and energy in your daily life. 
    • Have the ultimate helping hand
    • Make only 1 call instead of 10
    • Enhancing your productivity at work 
    • Enjoy life knowing you have trustworthy efficient people helping you.
    • Have a healthy work-life balance
    • Make your life easier.


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